Host a Game Night!
A game night is a wonderful way to bring families
together in a fun and educational environment.
Easy Steps
to make a Game Night happen at your school:
1. Coordinate a date, time and location with the powers in your school.
      Ideal days are Tuesday and Thursdays (but others work as well).
      Time frame is usually a two hour block between 6pm and 9pm.
      Suggested locations are cafeteria, gym, library, or some place where tables
        are available.
      You might also consider coupling your Game Night with a pizza dinner
2. Contact Everything Educational to schedule your date and time.
      Contact us at 269-273-1282 or
3. Enlist volunteers.
      The number of volunteers depends on your estimated turnout but figure
        9+broken down as follows:
      1 volunteer to staff each game table (8 tables will serve approximately
        50-60 parent/child players during a session)
      1 Game Night Host to make announcements, to offer directions and totime
         the sessions. (the use of a portable P.A. is recommended)
4. Promote your Game Night.
      You may encourage students to create posters and flyers in order to increase
        the excitement and build anticipation.
      Distribute flyers around the school and community and send mini flyers home
        with all the children in the school.
      Utilize the school and PTO email lists with an email two weeks before the
        event and then send a reminder a couple days before the Game Night.
      Post the event in your school and community newsletters.
      Announce the event at any community event or PTO meeting.

                                         Contact: Everything Educational
                                         1150 Millard
                                         Three Rivers, MI 49093
                                         Phone 269-273-1282